About Us

We are about Delphi / RAD Studio / .Net / Databases / case studies / shared knowledge / mobiles / web / Cloud / …….

This is an at pace pracie of the history of the group – Errors and Omissions Expected…..

The Developer Group, (initially UKBug) was set up many years ago…..  Initially its primary focus was a place to learn about a new tool (Delphi) and to help Phil get his head around all the new things to learn.  The groups success followed Delphi’s and grew to a point where there were large successful meetings and an annual conference.

Over the years the numbers of attendees at the meeting has fallen and risen, to the point where it was a surprise that people would dedicate their time to prepare to present at a meeting.  During 2014 attendances have grown, but still a modest number compared to the crammed in sessions we used to have at POSK.

So Joanna, who faithfully (and sternly) administered the group decided to hang up her riding crop and no longer beat us into shape.  The group was going to cease December 2014.

So here we are: Errors and Omissions Expected…..

Selfishly I (Jason of JAC2) don’t want the group to fold, over the years it has given me a lot and still does.  There is something unique about meeting people regularly face to face at an organised venue and sharing information, ideas, techniques and building a raft of “so and so knows that” for when you get stuck.  I looked back over my recent benefits, even when the groups meetings were at 5 or so attendees and still think that I wouldn’t have built some of the associations via the global news groups / forums.  As an ISV / MSP / Consultant it is very easy to become isolated and I would imagine it moreso at a small in-house development shop.  Knowing that Patrick has a good VCL framework, Andrew has worked through the woes of cloud storage API’s, Adam has used TMS’s diagramming tool…….., means if I think I have a problem in those areas, I can have a chat with them, not fire off a generic forum message or googledeath myself.

So for now, same format (10 monthly meetings in London), same fee (modest, but unfortunately not free – we don’t intend making any money, but do need to pay some of the running costs) & we have taken over the domain (richplum.co.uk), but as you are here, you can see we are moving to www.ukdevgroup.co.uk

Hopefully we can:

  • Diversify
    • Do some videos / podcasts
    • Get forums back up and running
    • Work out how to get more people attending to hit the critical mass of 25 per meeting
    • Give tiered content, so people that can’t attend don’t lose out, but there is still a real benefit in attending the meeting
  • Include
    • Knarly technical sessions from Embarcadero
    • Get more .NET sessions
    • More technical sessions from guests

Ask, suggest just be kind, patient and don’t make me chase you for your blurb if you are going to do a talk.