Adam’s April 2017 Meeting Feedback

Good meeting yesterday.

Stuff I thought I need to know more about:

  • BASH – Linux On Windows” … What could this be used for, is it useful?
  • New Delphi components for TCP: “TNetTCPRequest”, replacements for Indy?
  • TJSONTextWriter: Useful for streaming component properties. Patrick Hort showed a really useful use of a Helper Class to add this streaming capability to a base-class, so it would be present in any descendent.
  • Horrible steps you need to go through if you build a Windows Service and you want to LogMessages to the Windows Messages system. A registry hack combined with a horrific importation process to add a binary resource to your service … ugh!
  • Good session from Neil on FlexCel: Brilliant that the component comes with a tool to reverse engineer Excel-sheets: Would short cut learning to use it.