Adam’s October 2017 Meeting Feedback

New Venue: The Prince Albert in Camden, generally positive good atmosphere, accessible and decent food.

Pete was leading, so we heard about “Andromeda” the new “rebuilt from the ground up” version of Windows, only to hear from Mark that “Andromeda” is also the name for Google’s replacement for Android. Is something really amazing about to happen, like a massive OS-Merger?

Neil then presented about new EU / UK data-privacy laws. Not code or software but bloody important for all of us who store or process personal data. He pointed us to the Information Commissioners Office as well as a host of other useful stuff.

Martin spoke about getting a Windows machine to accept a URI request and route it to open a Delphi EXE, and then trigger a particular action on that EXE. Really useful code, which he promised to make available

We then had a hastily organised “code huddle” with 4 groups of programmers on the subject of converting Excel documents into a defined data-format for use by an EDI. I thought these worked pretty well …

Next meeting …………….. 15th November