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Will’s June 2019 Meeting Summary

Agenda Using OmniThread Library – RussellW PI / Arduino / Lazarus – Lorenz Wolf Will’s Summary (Kindly accept substitutes. In the sorry absence of Adam and Jason, session leader Brian let me wear the minute-taker badge.) A pretty full house

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May 2019 Meeting Summary

Agenda First Steps With A Graph Database – Neo4j – PeteS Full-stack read-write web application in Delphi using PostgreSQL, ODBC, ISAPI Dll, HTML/Ajax/JavaScript/JSON – DavidM Jason’s Adam’s Summary How bad do I feel – Adam wasn’t attending and so I

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Adam’s April 2019 Meeting Summary

Agenda Data Import Huddle – small groups finding solutions Adam’s Summary Dev Group April Meeting Notes News and problem clinic were as normal with Jason pointing out, a listing of Delphi posts from around the web. His comment: “ is probably still better”

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Adam’s March 2019 Meeting Summary

Agenda Home-grown RAD Server – Brian Long & Nick Gabb Advanced SELECT SQL: Nested statements, other tips and tricks, cursors and procedures – Adam Brett SQL Server black-box – Mark Jacobs Adam’s Summary Developers Group Update March 2019 A new

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Jason’s February 2019 Meeting Summary

Agenda Talk: Taekwondo Case Study – Neil Nugget: Dynamically Decoding Googles search results Talk: Auto-generated SQL v. write your own in SQL Server Nugget: RAD Server Jason’s Summary News & problem clinic broke out with discussion about VS Code and

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Adam’s January 2019 Meeting Summary

Agenda – Code Huddle – HMRC VAT MTD – Zero to Hero Adam’s Summary The meeting was an innovative format: Code Huddles. Subject: Creating applications to submit VAT using the new digital governmental portal. The idea being to have attendees

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Adam’s November 2018 Meeting Summary

Agenda Talk: Writing real-time collaboration software – David Capps Talk: Creative debugging techniques: Part 2 – Brian Long Nugget: FMX – 3D elements on forms – Ian Hamilton Adam’s Summary Jon Aasenden pulling out at short notice left us with a hole in

Adam’s TMS WebCore Day Summary

Agenda Talks by Bruno Fierens, Wagner Landgraf & Jason Chapman TMS Company organisation & product line overview TMS WEB Core architecture in-depth TMS WEB Core architecture hands-on Connecting from TMS WEB Core to the back-end Hands-on experience with TMS WEB

Adam’s October 2018 Meeting Summary

Agenda “Display Board Code Huddle” The “client” wants to position display screens at multiple points around a site in order to display information. These screens will be HD-TV-style video monitors, with plug in “micro-PC” computer devices attached. The day will

Adam’s September 2018 Meeting Summary

Agenda “A Day with Marco Cantu” Talk: Status of the Product – Marco will talk about the current Roadmap Talk: Deep Dive – Delphi Modern Language features • Use in the product • Real life examples Talk: REST with and without