Downloads 2016

Please find the downloads for meetings held in 2016:

15/11/2016Documentation and helpfile – helpscribbleMartin HamiltonDownload
15/11/2016Custom URIsAndrew Cutforth
17/10/2016The more to REST! than meets the eye - notes & infoPeter Edwards
17/10/2016WP & Spreadsheet created using dev express componentsPeter Edwards
17/10/2016Meeting SlidesBrian LongDownload
12/07/2016GITWill WattsDownload
12/07/2016FastMem – for those memory leaksAdam BrettDownload
12/07/2016File formats – Comparing plain text (e.g. XML/JSON) and binaryDave MartelDownload
19/06/2016Version Control with SubversionBrian LongDownload
19/06/2016Hacking and the Internet Mark JacobsDownload
18/05/2016A website in Delphi - from scratchPatrick Hort
18/05/2016Building Bots - SlidesPete SykesDownload
18/05/2016Case Study: Scientific Instruments - SlidesDave MartelDownload
19/04/2016Deploying a Delphi App to a Touch Screen Embedded Android CardBrian FrostDownload
14/03/2016Typescript vs JavascriptWill WattsDownload
14/03/2016Post Code Verifier - DelphiMartin HamiltonDownload
24/02/2016Sending TXT Messages from DELPHI AppMartin HamiltonDownload
24/02/2016Beginner’s Guide to Task-based Multithreading in C#Pete SykesDownload
12/01/2016Migration from D7 to Seattle - SlidesPatrick HortDownload