Downloads 2015

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16/11/2015Delphi Stand -Alone HTTP ServerMartin HamiltonDownload
16/11/2015Windows Monitor - RTF notesClive HensonDownload
16/11/2015Code Templates - Sample file & SlideBrian Long
14/10/2015Meeting slidesPete Sykes
14/10/2015Replication - slides & Delphi code/demoAdam BrettDownload
14/10/2015Unicode - slides & examplesSimon HooperDownload
14/10/2015My Arduino - slides
Alex HamiltonDownload
15/09/2015Review of DX Delphi 10 Seattle - Slides + meetings slidesJason ChapmanDownload
15/09/2015Windows Services & Registry Settings NotesMark JacobsDownload
15/09/2015MySQL plus SSL NotesMartin HamiltonDownload
15/09/2015JavaScript programming model - slides/demoWill WattsDownload
20/07/2015Leading Link Formatting Code
TRecordList Code/Demo
Object Record Contrast ppt
Simon HooperDownload
20/07/2015Subversion SlidesBrian LongDownload
17/06/2015Windows Azure Examples and SlidesPete SykesDownload
12/05/2015WPtools and our technique for producing letters and reports - slidesJason ChapmanDownload
12/05/2015Jython - slides & scriptPeter BrownlowDownload
12/05/2015Vetting input webserver - c++ routineMark JacobsDownload
20/04/2015Thinking Programmers’ Guide to Modern JavaScript Development - SlidesWill WattsDownload
20/04/2015Google Maps API .Net codeAndrew CutforthDownload
20/04/20153D session using the standard FMX 3D componentsIan HamiltonDownload
19/03/2015Paintbox Delphi Custom DrawingMartin HamiltonDownload
19/03/2015Windows Azure Delphi ExamplesPete SykesDownload
10/02/2015Priority Inversion and LoggingEric Thorniley
10/02/2015PythonJason ChapmanDownload
19/01/2015Delphi Android ToneBrian LongDownload


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