Guidelines for Downloads

Please include your presentation, any code you are happy to share.

If you are supplying code, then try not to include build files / dcu’s / temp files etc.

We are really grateful for people who are willing to stand up and present and even more grateful when we are given bits to share, but if you could:

  • Have one zip file (7zip also fine)
  • Name it based on the meeting date yyyymmdd ukDevGroup <presentation name> <technology e.g. Delphi> <your name e.g. J Chapman>.zip
  • Root folder in zip have the presentation and any notes (e.g. readme about restrictions).
  • sub folder with code in it

Be careful about copyright materials and licenses – we host what you give us and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is legal for it to be hosted on a public website.

Make sure we get the code as soon as possible afterward and we will let people know it is there and won’t forget to upload it (due to too many sleeps).