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Date: 13th February 2019

  • Talk: Taekwondo Case Study – Neil Parrish
    Neil recently provided software for coverage of the Manchester Taekwondo Grand Prix, shown online by the BBC. The system took feeds from the electronic scoring system and combined it with
    info from the venue system to drive the TV graphics. We’ll see how it all worked, what was easy and what was not including how to produce a REST server with Delphi Pro.
  • Nugget: Dynamically Decoding Googles search results – Mark Jacobs
    I devised a random website page on my, which uses a dictionary of search words (the English dictionary with 267,751 words in it). It selects a word at random from this list and then uses Google search to get the first 25 results within the last month into a list. It then selects one of these 25 links at random and attempts to render it in an IFRAME on the random site page. I will be demonstrating it in action, and dissecting how it works and the caveats I had to program around in order to get it working properly.
  • Talk: Auto-generated SQL v. write your own in SQL Server – Eric Thorniley
    We have two opposite approaches to connecting to databases. We can use an object-relational mapper (ORM) which allows us to create our business objects and persist them without troubling ourselves with any SQL – it does it all for us. The alternative is to start by designing the data structure in the database and then build our code to use it.
    I have a project where the supplier of the main system used a commercial ORM system but, in my extensions to it, I used the old-fashioned method of designing a data structure first. The connection between the two system was via hardware controllers that knew nothing of either database.
    I will go through some of the consequences of the two approaches, including some significant performance issues.
  • Nugget: RAD Server – Ian Hamilton
    An intro to RAD Server, what it is and how to start with it.

Date: 15th January 2019

Meeting Summary
HMRC’s “Making Tax Digital”

  • Talk on HMRC’s Making Tax Digital
  • Talk on how to work with OAUTH-2
  • Talk on HMRC’s documentation
  • Discussion on how to consume RESTFULL API’s in general
  • Code Huddle – 3 groups – how far can you?

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