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Date: 12th February 2020


  • Generating dynamic content in Delphi with the Sempare Boot Velocity Template Engine – Conrad Vermeulen

    An easy to use templating engine for Delphi for generating dynamic content for email, web, and general tooling.

  • Using FastScript – Martin Hamilton
    How to include scripts into your application using FastScript.
  • Windows Installable File System (IFS) – file system on steriods – Rob Lambden

Date: 14th January 2020


    • How to use the Microsoft Graph API – Andrew Cutforth
      Microsoft Graph API is the new way to work with Microsoft services in the cloud such as Office 365. Andrew is going to show you how to connect to the API and examples of working with OneDrive.
    • Visual Studio Code – The Programmer’s Editor for the 2020s – Will Watts
      Microsoft’s VS Code is taking the coding world by storm. Why is this so? How is it made? How does it integrate with <my fave programming language>? Does it support WordStar key bindings? Will Watts may have the answers.
    • Delphi Books Round Up – Neil Parrish
      Over the past few years quite a number of Delphi books have been published, probably more than you think. The trouble can be finding them. Hopefully this round up will sort that and also give a chance to share your opinion on any you have read.
    • Webcore VS code – Jason Chapman
      A brief show and tell from training day
    • MS Graph – Additional use cases – Jason Chapman

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