Meetings 2021

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Date: 16th February 2021


  • Using TMS Diagram Studio: A scalable surface available in Delphi VCL Apps – Adam Brett
    The TMS Diagram Studio is a fairly old component, which allows vector-drawing in a Delphi Application in a fully object oriented context. I have used it in multiple contexts in my programming work over a period of several years. This session will introduce the components how to code with them and show working examples of their use.
  • What’s wrong with VCL – Rob Lambden
    Windows 3.1 was released in 1992, Delphi was first released in 1995.  The VCL is still core to the Delphi paradigm, but 25+ years on how relevant is the VCL to current needs?  What do we want in a UI and where do we want to run it?
  • TSQL Deadlocks – Patrick Davey
    What causes deadlocks

Date: 18th January 2021


  • Getting Started with Watson – Russell Weetch
    A look about setting up and using the IBM Watson AI engine with Delphi.
  • An intro to Smartdraw – Ian Hamilton
    A quick look at my diagramming tool of choice and what I use it for: ER & UML diagrams. Plus a peek at what else it can/may also do.
  • Components – Ian Hamilton
  • An interview with…..Richard Hatherall – Jason Chapman