Meetings 2022

Agenda & Information for the Meetings held in 2022.  See Next Meeting for next meeting.
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Date: 11th April 2022


  • Guest Speaker: RAD Studio Open Tools API – Glenn Dufke
    Have you ever wondered how you can extend the RAD Studio IDE yourself? Do you have an idea for a helper utility which could ease daily development?
    Then the Open Tools API is the gateway to extend the IDE!
    Embark on a deeper dive into what the Open Tools API is and how you can work and access many IDE elements, including the new Welcome Page API.
    We’ll code a Welcome Page plugin and look at how you can access the editor buffer.
    Feel free to prepare questions if you have specific ideas and want help to get started.
  • Nugget: Chasing down a bug – Jason Chapman
    A user was reporting that a report was missing rows
  • XML Import Export – Rob Lambden

Date: 16th March 2022


  • Server Load Testing – Simon Hooper
    We have 90,000 staff, does it scale? asked a potential customer. How we measured how many Reports Per Minute (rpm) that our Wise Eyes server can deliver. Concept, code, live demonstration and results. If time allows an introduction to the issues of high capacity.
  • Guest Speaker: kbmMW SmartService and kbmMW SmartBind – Kim Madsen
  • Embarcadero webinar: “What’s Coming in RAD Studio Alexandria”

Date: 15th February 2022


  • React framework – an introduction – Will Watts
    React is a front-end web library used with JavaScript and – increasingly – TypeScript. It concerns itself with the efficient management of the browser DOM. Developed by FaceBook (booh, hiss!), with innovative elements of functional programming in the design – for example, it is moving away from using classes/objects as the basis of visual components – it has become the dominant framework in its field.This would be a contrasting talk to Andrew C’s presentation of his homebrew framework.
  • Nugget: Automating Google lookups – Mark Jacobs
    I gave a talk on Google lookups before, but they seemed to have clamped down on the methods I used, and they no longer work on Google. I discovered a way to circumvent these measures, using Google’s image search. I propose to talk about how I do these image lookups, using a random web page selector I have developed at
  • InterBase and InterBase with IBX – Jason Chapman
    The title is pulled directly out of a request from MartinB in the group.  I no longer consider myself an expert at the cutting edge of what is available with Interbase, but I can cover the basics and provide a platform for others to chime in with their experience (relevant experience of course, I’m not going to entertain “I wrote my own DB engine”). So this will be an introduction to Interbase and the cross over with Firebird, then specifically talking about IBX, which is the road less travelled these days as most are likely to be using Firedac

Date: 17th January 2022


  • Developing a full XData – WebCore stack – Russell Weetch
    This session will show the work doen to create a fully functional application using the TMS XData server and WebCore client library.
  • Buying and Selling a Software Business – Rob LambdenWhat’s involved in buying and selling a software business, how much a software business is worth, how the deal can be packaged.
  • The AWS SDK for Delphi – First look and discussion about evolution and adoption by Embarcadero – Richard Hatherall