Meetings 2024

Agenda & Information for the Meetings held in 2024.  See Next Meeting for next meeting.
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19th Mar 2024

  • A Multi Platform Authenticator App Part 1 – Rob Lambden
    • In this session we look at the algorithms typically used to implement MFA – HOTP and TOTP. There will be some background information and then code on a Delphi implementation of the protocols ready for them to be used in an Authenticator App
      We will also consider the building blocks of the authenticator app (but we won’t build the app – that’s for Part 2)
  • Unit testing TMS Xdata services based on Aurelius, What can be done and what to avoid – Mika Koistinen
    • Experiences of creating unit test for services that are depending on running environment.
  • Writing Parsers – Simon Hooper
    • Writing parsers is fun and Delphi is a great language for them. But there are pitfalls which turn fun to frustration.

19th Feb 2024

  • How create a conversational AI Chatbot – Olaf Monien
  • Using Sempare Delphi Template Engine with DelphiMVCFramework (and/or other web frameworks) – Conrad Vermeulen