Next Meeting – 10th April 2019

New Location: Green Man, 383 Euston Road, London NW1 3AU

Please Note: Change of day/date – confirmed

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  • Code Huddle – Large Scale Data Importation Challenge – Adam Brett
    Adam will provide at least one fairly large dataset of moderately complex data.
    He will pose a number of questions about this data, the group will form into code-huddles to try to answer these questions.
    Example: If the dataset contains names of people, plus details of payments they have received a question might be “how many people have been paid more than £10,000?”
    The exact details of the dataset(s) and questions will be circulated on Slack and Facebook prior to the meeting.
    Members will be encouraged to engage with the challenge prior to the event (if they want to try out different methods for answering the questions). If the data is too easy, more complex datasets (perhaps containing errors or mis-matched data) may be created to supplement the initial datasets.
    The sessions will be more interesting if members have already used their own tools to attack the data, and bring this experience to the group. Of course it is fine to just turn up and try to work on the data on the day.
    Huddle leaders will assist huddles in trying to answer the challenge questions. Different huddles are likely to use different technologies to answer the challenge questions.
    Adam’s expected route to a solution will be to import the datasets into an ElevateDB SQL database, and use queries on this this database to answer the challenge questions. He will demonstrate this process at the end of the day.
    Other members may take other totally different tools to solve the challenges, or may use other SQL databases.
    The end section of the session will involve a “compare and contrast” set of summary sessions by the group-leaders showing how they did (or did not!) answer the questions.
    If you are interested in being a huddle leader, please message me via either Facebook or Slack.
    Suggested huddles of 2 – 4 people
  • Nugget / Talk
    • Possibly will have depending on timings of above


Timings to follows:

Time Description Speaker
12:00 Registration (with tea and coffee)  
12:00 News/Questions Jason Chapman
13:00 Break/Lunch  
13:15 Code Huddle – Large Scale Data Importation Challenge Adam Brett
14:30 Break  
17:00 Finish