Next Meeting – 13th May 2024

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  • Nullable types. Optional types. How have they been done? How should they be done? Are they the same? – Paul McGee
    • “Nullable types” have been mentioned for Delphi by Allen Bauer, Craig Stoltz, Marco Cantu, Stefan Glienke, and more.  The idea(s) appear in : C++, C#, Rust, Swift, Java, … and are considered for Delphi and Javascript.
  • Building an authenticator app that can do the processing for HOTP and TOTP which are commonly used for MFA Part 2 – Rob Lambden
    • Use those classes to produce a cross platform app that can do the authentications as required
  • HTTP – why so complicated? – Richard Hatherall
    • A sneak peek at THipster, a modern approach to HTTP in Delphi.

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