Next Meeting – 13th November 2023

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  • An Introduction to Mammoth – A Climate Action Cinema – Patrick Hort
    Savoy Systems Ltd has been providing Ticketing and Retail POS Software (called Oscar) to cinemas in the UK for over 15 years, so when a 22 seat cinema in their home town of Nottingham came onto the market, it seemed rude not take it on! The cinema used to be in the Guinness  Book of World Records as the world’s smallest cinema, and Patrick is now running it to use film as a way of starting conversations and inspiring action around the Climate Crisis.
  • A Blazor Recap – Dave Capps
    Blazor is Microsoft’s answer to writing rich web application without the need to write Javascript; instead you write C# to bring client-side interactivity to HMTL pages. Dave covered Blazor in some depth at an earlier Dev Group Meeting, and will be providing a reminder of what it is and how you might use it – because we’ve been using extensively to revamp Oscar.
  • Oscar – from VCL to the Web with Blazor – David Mew, Patrick Hort, Dave Capps 
    Oscar, Savoy Systems’ Ticketing, Retail and CRM system, is written in Delphi and sits on an ORM created by Patrick in the dim distant past. Over the last five years, the ORM has been ported to C# and Dave has designed a platform-neutral UI framework in C#. The team have now used Blazor to implement a rich web interface to replace the Oscar Delphi Desktop Client, and David has been responsible for making it look thoroughly modern and beautiful! We are now rolling it out the first features to customers, while we continue to port the rest of the Delphi UI to Blazor. We’ll give you an overview of the Oscar architecture and show you how we’re making the move from Windows Desktop to Web using C#.
  • A Delphi Mobile app development walk through – Dave Akerman
    This talk will show the development of a mobile app with deployment on an Android device, and the steps to go through to get that app published in the Google Play store. Along the way it will cover some differences between VCL and FMX, UI on mobile devices, FMX styles, design time views, testing during development, device testing via USB or network, interfacing with GPS and other phone sensors, USB, Bluetooth and BLE devices, file storage, invoking other apps with intents, app permissions, splash screens and icons, app and file deployment, preparing for the app store.

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