Next Meeting – 17th May 2022

IMPORTANT – Due to CV19, this meeting is going to be virtual – see e-mails for information

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  • Guest Speaker: Delphi memory management – Dalija Prasnikar
    Memory management. One of the most basic parts of software development, often kept on the side even though it has the most profound effect on how we write our code.
    Managing memory is both a trivial and a complex task. Trivial, because the basic rules are rather simple and straightforward. Managing a few references, when you know the rules, is a piece of cake. The complex part comes from several things. First, even though each rule is simple, there are many of them, and knowing and remembering them all is a challenge. Next, combining the rules makes even more rules. Some combinations work, some don’t, and while this knowledge can be extrapolated from each single rule, it is easy to overlook some important fact that can lead to disaster. And at last, complexity arises from all the pieces of code sitting together in one place, obscuring each other.
    What is important to remember is that managing memory requires following the same simple principles, regardless of the size of the codebase. Divide and conquer is the winning strategy. If each small, self-contained piece of code, where managing memory is trivial, is done right, then all the pieces can work together in harmony.
  • Anonymous Methods with and without Delphi – Dr Kevin Bond
    Talk will cover background to anonymous methods, the functional programming style, higher order functions and closure, how Delphi implements anonymous methods, comparisons will be made between Delphi, PascalABC.NET, Haskell, Python and C# via example programs that use anonymous methods/functions/procedures and fluent interfaces.
  • Speech APIs in Delphi and C++ Builder – Mark Jacobs, Richard Hatherall, Ian Hamilton
    A demo of using a basic API from MS in BCB5 (MJ), Polly in AWS (RH), and 2 short demos, at 5 minutes each, one on Azure and the other on TMS (IH)

Please note – timings may vary on the day

Time Description Speaker
11:30 Registration / Informal chat / Speaker test  
12:00 News/Questions Jason Chapman
12:45 Break for Lunch  
13:15 Delphi memory management Dalija Prasnikar
14:15 Break  
14:30 Anonymous Methods with and without Delphi Dr Kevin Bond
15:30 Break  
15:45 Speech APIs in Delphi and C++ Builder Mark Jacobs, Richard Hatherall, Ian Hamilton
17:00 Chat & Beer – till roughly 18:00