Next Meeting – 12th Oct 2020

IMPORTANT – Due to CV19, this meeting is going to be virtual – see e-mails for information

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  • Using Webassembly via Blazor – David Capps
    Webassembly lets you run code from non-Javascript languages directly within the web browser. In this session we’ll look at Blazor, Microsoft’s new web app framework that can use webassembly, and port a simple desktop application to run completely inside the browser.

  • Exploring some basic AWS services supported by Delphi – Conrad Vermeulen
    The session will include an overview of AWS, S3, SQS, RDS(some support by Delphi), Beanstalk and demo using Delphi to create a simple web app that uses SQS and S3…plus a bit more

  • Nugget: Code Signing – Paul Woodhams


Time Description Speaker
11:45 Registration  
12:00 News/Questions Jason Chapman
12:45 Break for Lunch  
14:30 Break