Next Meeting – 10th Nov 2020

IMPORTANT – Due to CV19, this meeting is going to be virtual – see e-mails for information

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  • Marvin – internal system for support, billing, server monitoring and scheduled upgrades – Patrick Hort
    We have developed, over the years, what has become a single internal tool that is used to handle all of our day-to-day operations to support the business. It’s built on the same in-house ORM framework that underpins our various systems including our commercial ticketing/retail system Oscar, and by keeping everything in-house, we’re able to do things exactly the way we want to. Plus I always think it’s more fun to roll your own!

  • Oh **** we need an installer – Rob Lambden
    Faced with unexpectedly having to write software on a very tight timescale that would need regular compliance updates, we look into how we tackled the software distribution needs – a signed installer that contains a signed uninstaller, and enabling auto-updates using the TMS WebUpdate component
  • Webpage route planner with Google API – Mark Jacob
    The session will cover the following – specifying endpoints, setting options,
    getting the routes, drawing lines on the map representing the routes and displaying the directions