Next Meeting – 16th March 2020

IMPORTANT – Due to CV19, this meeting is going to be virtual – see e-mails for information

Old: Green Man, 383 Euston Road, London NW1 3AU

Note: some people are still going to the pub to view & participate in the meeting.

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  • Google Sheets Rest API. With Holiday Photos – Pete Sykes

    Pete will demonstrate how to interact with Google Sheets programmatically using Google’s API. He will somehow contrive to show some of his holiday photos as part of the session.

  • An exercise in distributed database software for use by the legal profession – Quinjo CaseMaker™ – Tim Hayes
    Most people relate lawyers to wasteful amounts of paper. True. A ream of paper (500 pages) wastes 6% of a tree and around 4kg carbon footprint. UK Lawyers are still trained in and employ a multitude paper-based operations. The session will briefly introduce and show some of the product highlights which were design and development challenges which will be addressed, possibly over a number of sessions. In this first session, the construction of a loosely-coupled distributed database will be discussed. Clustered MySQL and Client-side SQLite were employed together with a somewhat unique in memory object and link structure employed to provide for the complex linkages in what is essentially a document-based system
  • Nugget: Snagit (screen grabs + video grabs): Adam Brett
  • Nugget: VMWare – Brian Long

Timings :

Time Description Speaker
11:45 Test Meeting  
12:00 News/Questions Jason Chapman
12:30 Break for Lunch  
13:00 An exercise in distributed database software for use by the legal profession – Quinjo CaseMaker™  Tim Hayes
14:15 Break  
14:30 Snagit (screen grabs + video grabs) Adam
14:45 Break  
15:00 VMWare  Brian
15:15 Break  
15:30 Google Sheets Rest API. With Holiday Photos / Meeting wrap up Pete